Canine Episioplasty


Of all the odd things that pet parents do for their pets, we recently left our dog at the vet for

 an episioplasty, which is, to put it simply, a canine booty lift. Our girl, Sox has been suffering from urinary tract infections, vulvar dermatitis, vaginitis, and who knows what else since I adopted her as a six-month-old puppy. Episioplasty was recommended by a few veterinarians but considered unnecessary by others. Eight years later, we pulled the trigger because the frequency and severity of Sox' infections and irritation were increasing, leaving us what we felt was little choice.


Episioplasties are needed on female dogs that have a recessed or juvenile vulva. In other words, these dogs have excess skin that covers the vulva, trapping in moisture, debris, and bacteria, which obviously cause all the trouble I mentioned above. You can read more about the procedure here.


We dropped Sox off on Monday afternoon and picked her up on Wednesday. The surgery, which took place on Tuesday afternoon, was a success. She has about 10 days left before she can have her stitches removed. She's on pain meds and two different antibiotics. She's, of course, wearing a cone of shame and miserable.


Sox doesn't seem to be too bothered by the surgery site, she's more bothered by the restrictions we've imposed on her and her siblings. We have five dogs, four of which are currently crated while Sox lounges on the couch. Specifically, the problem lies in that Sox wants to play with Titan and Titan doesn't want to be in his crate. The others, Caera, Radar, and Bud, are feeling a little overlooked and are probably wondering what they did to deserve a banishment into their travel crates. In the meantime, Chris and I are hoping that Sox recovers without injury or infection and can't wait until all of this vulva talk is behind us!


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