The Furry Patient

Last week I shared that Sox, my almost nine-year-old hound dog, had surgery on her nether regions to correct a recessed (oftentimes referred to as juvenile) vulva. I couldn't leave you hanging without an update on how my pretty girl's lady parts are doing these days so here goes...


Keeping Sox crated and away from the other family dogs has certainly paid off. Her wound is healing nicely, she's been taking it easy, and wearing her e-collar religiously; we even purchased a condo-sized crate for her to feel more comfortable in. It's an eye-sore (as all crates tend to be) but she definitely seems to have more room for her long tail and cone head in there.


Thanks to Mother Nature, we haven't had much rain the past week so we haven't had to worry about mud or moisture affecting the area, which is fantastic. It's amazing how much more difficult recoveries can be when rain is involved. Sox completed her two different antibiotics and takes her last pain pill tomorrow. She's still on a bland canned food but will be transitioned to her homemade semi-raw diet sometime this weekend.


Unless a freak accident occurs between now and then (heaven help us!,) Sox will have her stitches out on Saturday. It's still tough to say if we made the right decision choosing to have her operated at this point in her life, and we may never quite know if it was truly the best idea for her, but, she seems to be doing just fine. To be honest, seeing her lady parts in all of their glory (despite the slight swelling and scabbing, which is normal for this procedure) is a big relief for us all. Plus, Sox had her teeth cleaned while she was under and her breath is a considerable improvement from what it used to be!

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