Raising Kittens, continued

July 14, 2016

Things at The Wag Pack have been busy, time has gotten away from me, and I've failed to keep you updated on the kittens my husband and I have been raising since late spring. How could I?! These kittens are everything!!!


When I last posted about them, they were still being bottle-fed every couple of hours and had barely opened their eyes. Now, they are quickly growing up, eating both wet and dry food, finding pleasure in every new experience, and stealing every heart they encounter.


Charlie, Nora, Mohawkie, and Olivia were days old when they came into our home. Their mom hadn't been seen and those that found them feared they'd die without human intervention. I stepped in without fully understanding the responsibility that I was taking on. But, we've made it past the challenges, literally alive and well, because, unfortunately, many hand-raised kittens fail to thrive and pass away within the first 4-6 weeks of life.


It wasn't easy, but the joys of seeing these babies grow up has made the effort, middle of the night feedings, poo problems, vet visits, etc. immensely worthwhile.


I, of course, cannot keep 4 kittens. We already have four dogs of our own and a foster and having 9 animals in our charge over the past few months has put a serious burden on our family, both practically and financially. So, the plan is to find wonderful forever homes for the kittens as of September.


Each kitten has his and her personality, each is beautiful in his or her own way, and each is going to make a fantastic pet. My husband and I are socializing them with our dogs in the hopes that being dog-friendly will make them a better match for many households. If you or anyone you know in the DC Metro Area is interested in meeting a pup, please contact Missy's Farm to complete an application. The kittens are looking forward to meeting their families soon!