How An Animal Communicator Helped Me Find My Cat

August 19, 2016

When my cat Simon went missing, we were heartbroken. We were worried and sad and didn’t know what to do to bring him home. The idea that we may never find him was terrible, and we spent every spare moment searching for him around our neighborhood.


We tried every single thing suggested to us. We put up signs everywhere, sent them to local businesses, used Pet Amber Alert to notify surrounding neighbors of his escape. We searched in the early morning and late at night, purchased traps and game cameras. We put smelly food concoctions at every storm drain, used catnip oil around our yard, littered it with blankets and his litter box hoping to lure him back. We purchased an IR camera case for our phones to use in searching at night, high powered flashlights, and my husband got security cameras so we could try and catch him around our house. These things allowed us to be very successful in attracting the strays in our neighborhood and feeding the local fox, but none of them got us any closer to our Simon.


People saw him. We got calls of people seeing him popping out of storm drains, our next door neighbor saw him nightly on their security camera - he would come to the front door and wait. We think because he would often sit in the window and stare at their house, he thought it was his home. He had never seen the front of our house, so we knew he had no idea where home was.


Since we were trying everything, early on I began reaching out to animal communicators. I spoke to two who assured me he was still alive, but no tips ever really panned out. I had a third session scheduled with another named TIm Link, I figured I was this desperate to find my cat I would try anything.


When I spoke to Tim, he agreed that Simon was still alive. He told me that Simon had not run away on purpose, he was not staying away. He was just really scared, on edge, but partially enjoying the adventure. Tim told Simon we wanted him home, telling him to show himself to people and allow himself to be helped. He also did a map dowsing, which is where a person uses a crystal or rods on a map to locate items or energies. He told me where in my neighborhood he was hanging out, to help me search. He also told me about how I could communicate with him.

It was only hours later when my phone began to ring and buzz with people spotting Simon in the area Tim had located. Apparently he was running anytime people approached him, but was showing himself. I went out there and searched for hours, but did not find him. I continued to receive confirmations of his presence and felt good to know that he was at least, alive. Tim had mentioned that Simon was continuing trying to come home, but he was just so scared it was hard for him to relax to interact with people.


A few days later, I talked to Tim again. He dowsed for Simon and found him closer, and he told me that SImon really wanted to come home. He had, for the most part, been enjoying this adventure but he was not enjoying it anymore. Tim told me Simon was going to try and come back home that night, to keep a look out for him.


I went to the park that Tim had described (and located on the map, it is a private neighborhood park and no one but those who live in our neighborhood knows it exists) and searched for him. No luck. A raging thunderstorm came on and I felt sad that Simon was out there in it.


My husband and I usually would search for Simon in the early hours of the morning (1-4AM) as he would come out during that time. We would sit in our car and wait to see him, only to have him run as soon as he heard noise. So generally, we would do our own things until about 12AM and then start searching for him.


Since Tim told me Simon was going to try to come home that night, I put the tv on the channel that displayed all of our security camera feeds. I was installing curtains on our patio door at about 830PM when I had the urge to look at the camera. In the camera faced directly out from the front of our house, I saw a small white blurb in front of the storm drain.


I walked to my front door and peeked out, and saw Simon sitting there, staring at our front door. When I called out his name, he jumped back into the sewer. I was used to this and felt disheartened, usually at this point he was long gone. But, knowing Tim had said he was ready, I went back inside and got a can of food and walked to the storm drain. I sat down in front of the opening and called out “Simon!” and, music to my ears, I heard a small meow as a response. I flattened myself to the ground and started speaking to him, and within seconds he had traveled back down the tunnel and was rubbing on the mouth of it. He was very skittish and I was praying that no cars drove by, I threw some food down and he began gobbling it up, allowing me to scruff him and pull him out of the drain. I all but ran back into my house and into the bedroom and gave him 3 cans of food to chow down on. He was skinny and looked rough, but he was purring and rubbing and obviously so happy to be home.

It was a joyful reunion and we let him sleep in the bed that night (usually that’s the dog’s territory) he wedged himself in between us and I had to turn on a few fans because he was so on edge he kept jumping at every noise. He would wake up periodically and start purring and rubbing on us, as if to say “oh thank god I’m home.”


It was a very long month and we tried every trick in the book. Eventually, what allowed us to bring our Simon home was having Tim help us communicate with him and keep us hopeful. If Tim had not told me to keep an eye out that night I would not have been so attentive so early. I may have missed him.

Since then, Tim has given me (and a lot of my friends and clients!) some great tools to use when communicating with my pets that has improved our relationships greatly. I know to some people, my husband included, this can all seem far fetched. But the way I see it, if doing a little extra improves their lives and ours, then why not? I am so grateful to have found Tim and Simon loves being safe at home!


Tim Link will be in NoVA in September for a Four Part Workshop for Animal Lovers! Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity! 




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