The Price of Personalization

January 20, 2017

Some pet parents have a hard time understanding the cost of in-home pet care as compared to a boarding facility or kennel. It seems pretty straightforward to me that in-home services are more expensive than services that are not performed in-home, but I find the following analogy to be helpful when speaking to prospective clients that are thinking of making the switch from boarding their pet at a veterinarian or boarding facility to leaving them at home and in the care of a professional pet sitter.


Think of a kennel/boarding facility as a restaurant. There are nice restaurants and there are not-so-nice restaurants. But, no matter the restaurant, you usually have to go to the restaurant to have a meal. You may have to wait, you may have to deal with other patrons' behavior or antics, you may get a nasty server, slow service, subpar food, and you might not even like the menu! Now, think of an in-home pet sitter as a personal chef. As a personal chef would, a pet sitter comes to your home, learns what you like and dislike, pays great attention to detail, and serves you and only you in the comfort of your own home. You'd never expect a personal chef to charge you what you'd pay at a restaurant, or we'd all have personal chefs over once a week! In the same way, you should expect to pay more for an in-home pet sitter than you would for a kennel.


The benefits of in-home pet care are many. In-home pet sitting allows pets to remain in their home environment, where they are most comfortable. As creatures of habit, animals thrive in routine and they crave stability. To ensure that the pets in The Wag Pack's care are always in the best hands, our employees are trained

in pet care, pet behavior, home care, accident prevention, emergency handling and more. We have clients register and meet with us prior to travel to ensure that we have all we need to best provide loving care for their pets and dedicated care for their home no matter what comes our way. We collect two sets of house keys so that we always have back-up access and never have to worry about service interruptions due to weather, power outages, you name it. No need for pick-ups and drop-offs, none of the added costs and risks of boarding-required vaccinations, reduced potential for transmittal of infectious diseases, no concerns about your pet having to get along with other strange animals, the list goes on.


With in-home pet care, you get truly personalized service. To me, it's worth every penny! Just look at these photos of Ranger, Arya, and Duncan happy and relaxed in the comfort of their homes! Can't beat that!



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