Wondercide - A road trip must-have

July 10, 2018

As part of a military family, our dogs find themselves on long road trips often. Dad gets assigned to a new duty station and off we go, car packed to the brim, snacks galore, and Wondercide bottles at the ready. After many a road trip over the past 3-years, we have developed quite the system for managing multiple dogs and, now, a baby boy who is not quite 1 year old.


We recently traveled from El Paso, TX to Miami, FL in preparation for my husband's upcoming deployment. We took it slow and planned according to whatever nap schedule our delightful developing son had in store for us that week.


We found ourselves with a wakeful baby and two excited dogs around 3 PM every day of our 7 day trip. It was then time to find a restaurant that would accommodate our many dietary restrictions (ugh) and had outdoor yet covered seating for The Poos (that's what we call our dogs.)


We successfully replenished our energy at various outstanding vegan, vegetarian, and seafood spots in Baton Rouge, Pensacola, Jacksonville, and down the eastern coast of Florida thanks to technology. The dogs were welcomed thanks to tips from the BringFido app that lists pet-friendly restaurants and hotels in most areas; businesses in rural areas aren't usually on the app.


As they have been for years, the Poos were protected from any fleas and ticks when we arrived, inevitable this time of year, by our trusty road trippin' friend, a bottle of Wondercide. We just sprayed the area where we planned to settle and sprayed the dogs' legs and bellies too. Wondercide works on contact so we felt confident that some quick sprays was all we needed to create a safe perimeter. 


Now at our temporary final destination, my mom's house, we are using Wondercide's natural products to spray the yard, the dogs, and baseboards to keep critters at bay. With so many dogs, babies, and friends around, we love that Wondercide is effective essential oil based protection from summer's least appealing participants - flees, ticks, spiders, you name it!


Learn more about Wondercide here. Our favorite products are the yard spray and the pet spray that goes directly on The Poos' fur.

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